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  • 04 Feb
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It is worth visiting Bhutan. I have been to Bhutan recently and ended my trip today. There are two cities Jaigaon(India side) - phuntsholing (Bhutan side) bhtan gate separates both of these cities. Ideally these are one but as soon as you cross Bhutan gate you will find it totally different.

July is time when there is slight rain and due to that it's off-season time, for family it's good. But you may face landslides in between so keep a day or two spare. And even if you do not book hotels in advance you will find it over there as I mentioned it's off season time. But if you are going for trekking you need to visit it in September.

Is Bhutan worth visiting?


  1. Weather - weather is fabulous. In last 6 days of my stay I could not see sun, it was all cloudy and slight rain. So that does not stop you from visiting places except it's heavy rain.
  2. Views - you will not find natural views better than this in Himalaya range. While travelling city to another city you will not be able to stop yourself from clicking pictures of scenic beauty, valleys, snake shaped rivers etc.
  3. People - people of Bhutan are most happy and warm people in welcoming you to their country. Everyone will pass his smile as soon as they see you and that gesture of welcome is so good, that you feel like being bhutanese. They come to any level for your help.
  4. Safety - I felt more safe in Bhutan in compare to other countries. You can be tension free for late night walking out of hotel etc. Ladies work over there till late night in hotel or restaurants and they travel by walk in hilly areas and it's totally safe.
  5. Awesome location of stays - you will find stays at such locations in Bhutan that you would not have imagined. You will find stays on Hill top, ground, river side, camping etc.
  6. Peace - they worship nature like anything. They will not let you spoil nature at any cost.
  7. Cleaniness - Bhutan is so clean the you will realise as soon as you enter in Bhutan from India side. And that is same across all bhutanese cities.
  8. Zebra crossing - you will realise that ohh , ok this is zebra crossing. As soon as you go via zebra crossing vehicles just stops irrespective of traffic. Same would have been followed in other countries too but I saw that for first time in Bhutan. No honking, you won't hear horns anywhere.
  9. Food - datse is one of the thing which you should try over there. This is being made in cheese + chilly base. This is so cheesy but after going over there you will realise that bhutanese require that amount of cheese on daily basis. You can find pure vegetarian restaurants also over there in Thimpu.
  10. Honesty - people are so honest, that you need not to fear about your stuff. Even if you left it at hotel it will not go anywhere.
  11. Fruits - fresh fruits you can pluck from tress and can have it. We had fresh apples, plums etc. It gives you immense pleasure to have fresh fruits from trees, believe it.

There are lot of things but I hope this is good enough for you to realise worth of Bhutan trip.

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