Bhutan Visa Requirements


  1. Every visitor to Bhutan requires a tourist visa. Exceptions are India and Bangladesh passports holders.
  2. Visas are only issued to tourists whom booked tour packages with local tour operators, directly or through a foreign travel agent.
  3. Visa application is submitted by tour operator on behalf of visitors.
  4. Visa is issued by tourism Council of Bhutan in Thimphu, Bhutan.
  5. The Royal Government of Bhutan sets minimum selling prices for packages to Bhutan and this must be paid in US dollars prior to arrival in Bhutan.


Indian, Bangladeshis and Maldivian nationals can obtain a visa at the port of entry on producing a valid passport with a minimum of 6-month validity. Indian nationals may also use their Voters Identity card (VIC).

All other tourists must obtain a visa clearance prior to travel to Bhutan. Ghamigha Bhutan tours can have your visa processed for you prior to your departure. Your Visa will be endorsed on arrival.

In order to process the visa we require a clear readable colour copy of passport (page containing passport number and face picture in JPEG or PDF format) at least 21 days prior to date of entry into Bhutan. Remaining validity of passport should be at least 6-months from the date of exit from Bhutan.

Your visa clearance letter will be issued to you along with your Bhutan airlines/Drukair ticket prior to your departure. At your point of entry you will be required to show visa clearance letter, the visa will then be stamped into your passport.


Daily Tariff

The minimum tariff for tourist visiting in group of 3 persons or more are as follows:

  • High Season Tariff: USD 250 person per night halt (March, April, May, September, October & November)
  • Low Season Tariff: USD 200 person per night halts (January, February, June, July, August & December)


The minimum price includes:

  • All internal Taxes and charges (including the sustainable development fee)
  •  Accommodation
  • All meals
  • All travel with a licensed Bhutanese Tour Guide
  • All internal transport
  • Camping Equipment and Haulage for Trekking

The Rates given above are applicable per tourist per night halt in Bhutan. (Valid from 2012)



Individual tourist and smaller groups of less than three persons shall be subject to surcharge, over and above the minimum daily rates applicable, as follows:

  • Single Individual: USD 40 per night
  • Group of 2 persons: USD 30 per person per night

The surcharge will not be applicable to representatives of foreign travel agents on business study or promotional visit duly approved and cleared by TCB.


How and where do I apply for Visa?
Your Visa to Bhutan can only be applied and processed by an authorized and registered travel agent such as us.  The Visa will come together with your travel package to Bhutan. You can’t apply Visa yourself and Bhutan embassy does not have travel visa services.

My Bhutan travel visa is issued on my old passport which was close to expiring. Will there be any problems when I reach the immigration in Bhutan?
If your Bhutan travel visa is issued on your old passport, you will have to bring along your old passport with you to Bhutan. The Department of Immigration will need to verify your details on your old passport too. A fine of up to 10,000 Nu will be imposed if traveller fail to present both the traveller’s old and new passport. Alternatively, please inform your Bhutan travel agent to update your visa if there’s still a week to go before your trip.

What does my tariff pay for?
USD 65 per night (frequently termed sustainable development fee) actually goes toward a development fund for free health care, free education and road building in Bhutan. The remainder of the tariff goes to accommodation, meals, and services such as tour guides, transportation, drivers and entrance fees to places of attractions.

How long does it take to get my Bhutan Visa?
Visa is usually released about 1 – 2 weeks before your arrival in Bhutan. This is to accommodate travelers who have to make last minute change of plan. We can arrange for your Visa within a one week period. So it is possible to book your trip this week and be in Bhutan in 7 day.

Is there a tourist quota to the number of people who can visit Bhutan every year?
There is no tourist quota set by the Royal Government of Bhutan. Tourist number is about 29,000 per year (2010) largely because of the limited flight capacity and shortages of good hotels currently.

Can I stay at exclusive resorts like Uma and Amankora?
Visitors who opt for more exclusive resorts like Uma Paro, Taj Tashi and Amankora will have to pay for their accommodation on top of the daily tariff specified.

I can’t find embassy of Bhutan in my country. How do I apply for the Visa?
Your Visa will be applied by your travel agency or tour operator. You would not need to make an appointment with Bhutan embassy. Embassy of Bhutan does not provide tourist Visa services.

I travel frequently and I can’t send my passport for Visa application. How can I get the Visa?
We don’t need your physical passport to apply for tourist Visa. We simply need a color scanned copy of your passport to make the Visa application

I would like to travel alone, backpack style and free-and-easy. Can I apply just the Visa without the accompanying tour package? 
It is not possible to separate Visa application from tour package. Having said so you can still travel alone and free-and-easy. A guide and driver will be accompanying you and the activities within the day is really up to you. You don’t have to complete the tourism circuit.

When is the best time to travel to Bhutan?
You can travel to Bhutan all year round, but the best months are March to May and September to November. For more information please visit (Best Time To Visit Bhutan link)

Is it possible to travel alone in Bhutan, without the minimum spending / tariff (USD 250 for high and USD 200 for low). Can we arrange our tour in private?
That’s not possible. Your visa is tied to you purchasing or spending the minimum spending above.


  • Tourism Council of Bhutan.